Dating Tips

Tips for safe dating online

Using our dating app is a good way to meet other people. There are good opportunities to create close contacts, which can lead to offline conditions. But as with so many other things, there are some few things to consider when you start dating online. Your most important tool is common sense. Below is given tips on how to do online and offline dating to a good experience.

Online Dating Tips to present yourself

Try to stand out from the crowd with an original profile. However, do not make yourself out to be something you are not, but to be honest, and you should be aware of to write correctly. And do not forget photos - without them, the outlook is not good. Your contact data: Only give your phone number if you really trust someone.

Dating internationally - Different cultures

For many men and women, dating someone from another country can seem exciting. There are risks as well as benefits to consider when thinking about dating internationally, but it can work out well if you proceed carefully. Before you consider dating someone from another country, be fully aware of any different cultures that might exist in their country that might be different from those where you live.

Cherish your personal information

Do not disclose information that may reveal your identity before you trust the person. Be careful to disclose full name, address, telephone number, email address or place of work. If someone presses too much to get personal information, stop communication with the person and contact our FilipinoCandy staff if necessary.

Trust your feelings and your intuition

The best thing you can do is to use your common sense. It is always better to go have a few good experiences than to have one bad experience. FilipinoCandy staff will always be there to assist and advise you if you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.