Safety Tips

When you decide to meet

Once you have decided to go on a date, be sure to tell a friend or girlfriend about where you are going, with whom and when you expect to be back again. A good thing is to leave your date's name and telephone number with your friend / girlfriend. Try if possible to meet at a neutral place where you are not completely alone on the first date, for example in a coffee shop, restaurant, cinema or similar. When it comes to alcohol, it is a good idea to hold back so you are constantly able to think clearly.

Ask for Webcam chat or photos

Firstly, FilipinoCandy dating App only allows active members with a profile photo - no profiles without a photo will be active, and we urge you to ask for more photos if you find someone you’re interested in whose profile only has one photo. Get several photos of the person, and in various situations, such as indoors, outdoors, with friends and so on. This all combines to give you a good feeling about the person you are talking to. If the person refuses consistently or continues to come up with excuses, consider whether it is because the person has something to hide.Also make sure that your own images is of good quality and shows your best side. Although it is the inside that counts.

 Be observant

FilipinoCandy places a lot of focus on ensuring that users experience a high degree of security. Please be aware of whether there is consistency in what the person is telling you. Be curious and ask your date some good questions. It can be difficult to judge whether people write honestly, but small cross-fire questioning may help. For example, a married person would probably try to avoid you calling him.

 Candy tip

Talk with your date over the phone when you are ready for it. This gives a good feeling. Consider the possibility of calling anonymously so your phone number remains secret. Filipino Candy tries to be a 100% scam-free dating app, but you should still be aware of scammers. Be aware of people who ask for money so they can afford to meet you. There is no reason that online dating should involve money from people who date.

 With a little care…..

In the end, it’s you who is responsible for ensuring that you feel safe, but with a little care and these tips in mind, there is no reason why online dating shouldn’t be fun and a great way to meet other people. wishes you love, fun and the best of luck!